Custom publishing is more important than ever. With a proliferation of social media, e-newsletters and constant media updates, it is very easy for any ecommunication to get lost.

Contrary to popular belief, custom printed magazines have not only maintained their presence in the market but increased in importance as a strategic marketing tool. A printed product in the hand of an employee is not something that can be filed in a folder. A custom magazine not only reinforces basic branding principles, but also equally importantly allows the everyday employee to feel that their work is valued and their input important.

Not only can valuable messages pertaining to the direction of the company and key messages be communicated, but also it allows a celebration of success of significant achievements from employees to be recognised. It also has greater reach than e-mail communication with the Publishers Australia Custom Magazines Effectiveness Report (November 2011) and Australia Post Customer Survey (April 2012) research citing that eight out of ten custom magazine readers recommend their magazine to a friend.

Even more impressive are the following statistics:

The research went on to reveal that readers believe that custom magazines creates deep associations with a brand or organisation because readers think that the brand cares, is relevant to them and can be trusted. Also:

Organisations such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors, The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and CPA Australia continue to invest heavily in a regular (10-11 times a year) printed product.

We have produced both internal and external magazines for clients both in hard copy and in iPad version.

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